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Congratulations to The Artist formerly known as The Twinkies for winning DFFL Bowl XX!  In his first season in the DFFL, owner Doug Coonrad proved that at least some rookie owners can make an impact in the league in their first season.  Coonrad joins Brent Mohasci as the only owners to enter the DFFL and win the Championship in their first season in the league. 



Congratulations to The Artist f/k/a The Twinkies on winning DFFL Bowl XX . 



Roster Drop Down Deadlines for 2014 Season:

March 1st -- down to 20

June 1st -- down to 15

August 14th -- down to 10

August 28th -- down to 7


The 2014 season draft is on August 24, 2013 @ 6:00 PM.

20 Years and Counting!

The 2014 season will be the DFFL's 21st year in existence. Established as a 4-team league in 1993, the DFFL has expanded into a 12-team partial-keeper league with 3 divisions of 4 teams. Each franchise has the option to retain up to 3 Franchise Players and one Developmental Player. The top 6 teams qualify for the DFFL Playoffs where owners fight for the right to keep the DFFL Bowl Trophy for a year and entrench their name on the Page of Fame. The other 6 teams battle for the Toilet Bowl.



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The Artiest f/k/a The Twinkies





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